Hello World

Hi! I’m starting this blog to document my experiences as an OPW intern.

What’s OPW? The Outreach Program for Women is a part of The GNOME Foundation‘s Free & Open Source Software Outreach program. Its mission is engage women (cis and trans), trans men, and genderqueer people in open source software. OPW offers internships with various open source projects in order to introduce new people to the FOSS community.

So for 10 weeks, December 9th – March 9th, I’ll be working with the Open Source Robotics Foundation, under the guidance of my awesome mentor Jose Luis Rivero. My project is to implement a path planning algorithm for Gazebo, a multi-robot simulation program.

I am beyond excited to have been accepted into the program, and to be working with OSRF. I’ve always wanted to get involved with FOSS, but have never been sure how to start. My internship hasn’t even begun, and already I’ve received a warm welcome from the opw team, the osrf team, and my mentor. I hope to do them justice by learning a lot, and making some worthwhile contributions. 🙂